Monday, 19 September 2011


5th December 2012 @ The Duke Of Wellington, Lincoln


7pm sharp | 16+ | £5 ADV or £7 OTD


Sunday, 29 May 2011



WOW! The weekend was absolutely and utterly amazing and before i take any more credit I'd like to thank those that haven't had a mention because most of them are the real reason why everything went so damn well, i don't think people quite understand how much effort went in from their behalf so please, don't thank me, thank them!

Firstly all the crash doubt crew... Alex Johnson for handling tickets along with running the stages with myself, Dom Cleall-Harding, Jay Swan, Ben Soffe-Robinson, Gaz Mackie they made it run like absolute clockwork! Kurt Colman, Anthony Taylor and James Buckingham who went out of their way time and time again to make bands comfortable, Dan Brogan for handling the door and seeing next to no bands all weekend as well as Bean McKinlay and Matt Robinson for the epic lights, all these guys did it out of the goodness of their hearts, for no money and for that i truly truly owe them big time, the best set of friends you could ask for!

Secondly, The Showroom! I came to them literally 3 weeks ago asking if we could hold this weekend and they've done it! The bar staff, who sold 5,500 cans of carlsberg alone, the kitchen staff constantly dealing with band catering and the BBQ, the door staff and security for being so cool about crowd surfing, human pyramids, 2 stepping and whatever other madness went on at the weekend! but of coarse the main man, Dean! He literally let me in a £5m venue, brand new and let me doing whatever i pleased, whenever i pleased! Absolute legend, would love to work with him in the future! Richard Smith for the lighting who has helped me out since day one, doing an splendid job for absolute pennies along with Paul Etcell, Dave March, Francis Hunt, Marios and Luke at GSS Audio who did a massive job of sound engineering! Absolute troopers, travelled from Manchester on 45 minutes sleep and working around the clock for 48 hours making sure the bands sounded awesome... mission accomplished! Jim Penistan at Back To Mono for helping me out with tickets and selling them in his shop, could have charged me but he didn't because he is an absolute local legend and was good to see him joining in the fun on Saturday! Panda hire for the staging, Big Deal Clothing, Never Give Up Clothing, Wildcard Clothing, Shield Recordings, Blessed And Betrayed Clothing, all helped make the fest a fest by putting on a fine spread of things to blow your cash on! Really awesome job, thank you for being involved!

Also those that just generally helped out, even though they'd bought a ticket! they constantly helped me out with promotion and flyering! There was also Chantel Nicholl, Eloise Johnson, Matt North, Shane Bailey and many more who did me massive favors of giving the bands a place to sleep! It also goes without saying that this weekend couldn't have gone any better without the bands, thank you so much for the pleasure of putting you on, it was awesome to see so many good friends and awesome to make so many new friends! All the bands were absolutely insane!

I'd also like to apologize for the amount of spamming, but only with the best intentions of making this weekend awesome! There were also some people who I'd consider to be good friends and to be honest some people who I look up to that were dead against what we were trying to do and that got to me, seemed to unintentionally make some enemies which I'm gutted about, so I'm sorry you couldn't make it or didn't want to make it down this weekend! There was also people who tried to shut it down from day 1! They wasted police time and my time, well guess what! I know who you were and fuck you! This weekend happened, yours didn't! ha! And those that chatted utter shit on facebook and other forums about myself and the all the bands playing, go organize your own fest yeah? what's funny is some of those people actually bought tickets! Ah fuck it! none of that matters anyway! what matters is that i can't thank everybody enough for showing up, having a good time, respecting each other and the surrounding and getting in the party mood! a lot of booze was sunk and a lot of good times happened! 18 months ago i tried to organize just a single all day and it's grown into this, to be honest i didn't expect so many people to show up, it was truly overwhelming, in fact at one point i was a bit tearful! So many kind words were said and I'd like to return them! This weekend wouldn't have happened without everybody! Saw so many old faces from far and wide and made so many new friends, thank you guys! Also I'd like to apologize if i seemed a tad unsociable, just sooo busy but we will catch up for beers!

right I need some sleep! see you next year!